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Hello Folks, Are you ready for the Mega Golf events which you are waiting for. Masters Golf Tournament 2020 is the most awaited event across the globe for the USA and around the world of fans. As per Expectation Millions of Fans around the world followed these sporting events by Watching Masters 2020 live online.

Because of the Huge Popularity for the Golf Events, Masters Golf live stream will be available in many countries through various broadcaster and many websites provide the live Masters 2020 streaming of Every game. but the main issue is all the free streaming websites either full of viruses or full of advertisement as well as also with low resolution. So Here I would recommend the perfect way to watch Masters Golf 2020 live in HD .

CBS Sports, ESPN officially provides coverage of the Masters 2020 in USA but if you are outside United States then find the messages like these websites are geo-restricted because if you are not from the said country you can’t access the video streaming content.For that we share with you tool which called VPN – Virtual Private Network to Emulate your position anywhere from the globe.

Enjoy Masters Golf 2020 Live online using VPN

Virtual Private Network – VPN is a big Advantage to all one to change the Geographical location so you can easily able to get the Masters Golf 2020 online streaming. So that means if any online streaming available in USA then the user can change the IP Address to the selected location and streaming the channel without any barring.

Are you wondered? This how that possible! then my answer is not any science behind it. VPN is composed of servers over disseminated in various countries. So when you connect with a VPN server you get to use an IP Address from the country where it located but you can be from 1 country at the time. if you connect to a server of London, then you’re in the United kingdom-UK. And if you connect to a server in Moscow, then you’re in Russia.

VPN Server will work as an intermediary between your device and channel website. Now the question will arise in everyone’s mind On the internet so many VPN Service provider are providing VPN which one is best and Cheap rate. Here we share with you Some of the Best VPN To watch Masters golf 2020 which are cheap, Fast, User-friendly, and high qualify.

Best VPN to watch Masters Golf live Telecast 2020


Key Features : 3000+ servers | 160+ locations | Concurrent connections: 5 | AES-256-bit encryption | Inverse Split Tunneling

ExpressVPN who is our top recommendation services as they provide high-quality streaming without facing any issue or bug. The Smart DNS service of ExpressVPN is known as MediaStream, which can unblock all sorts of geo-restricted content instantly. ExpressVPN manages a large pool of VPN networks across multiple countries around 160+ server locations. They provide the user’s guarantees of absolute no-log policy. Apart from that, they have many good features like advanced security, robust encryption protocols, an internet kill switch, network split tunneling, and more.

One of the Major Benefit of using ExpressVPN is they work with all major devices and web browser which includes Windows, Android, macOS, Android TV, Linux, Firefox, and Chrome.

Best advantage of ExpressVPN is their server which are located across Australia, US, UK, Brazil so you can get without interruption free live stream of Masters 2020 as well as any events


Key Feature : 2000+ servers | 180+ locations | Concurrent connections: 5 | AES-256 encryption | Kill Switch: Yes | VPN Hotspot

PureVPN is a One of the Leading service provider in the VPN market. It supports all major devices likes of android, iphone, laptop and has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox for both windows and mac Operating system. PureVPN comes with a VPN hotspot feature which grants secure internet access to any device by tethering it to the host device.

Since its inception, PureVPN has evolved as a dynamic service provider in the market. It supports all major encryption protocols and comes with a dedicated IP for users. It also deploys split tunneling technology and advanced port forwarding technique. So, if you are looking for a VPN with advanced features to meet your security needs, PureVPN is a one of the great choice. It also comes with excellent customer support.

Whether it’s high-speed streaming, browsing, security, file sharing, or privacy; you get everything with PureVPN!


Key Features : 5700+ servers | 60+ countries | Concurrent connections: 6 | AES-256-bit encryption | CyberSec Feature | Double VPN Technology

With Highest grade encryption, NordVPN assures that your data does not get decrypted by malicious hackers or any third-party individuals. It also comes with a CyberSec feature that blocks ads and malware.

NordVPN also gives users no-log guarantee, which means there is no activity or traffic logging from the service provider. With NordVPN’s SmartPlay feature, users can experience uninterrupted streaming, without buffering or bandwidth throttling so use surely enjoy the Masters 2020 Golf without any interruption. This feature serves you the best if you love streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and more.

NordVPN supports all major operating systems including Mac, Windows and provides browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox too. P2P file transfers are not risky anymore, as NordVPN offers an excellent level of protection for users who are into P2P transfers.

VPN Setup process

•    Purchase VPN from your preferred provider according to your needs

•    Install your purchased VPN on your device

•    Launch the VPN by clicking on service provider icon

•    Log into your account using your registered credentials

•    Enter activation if provided by your provider

•    Select the server location

•    Connect to your preferred server location

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