Know About the Augusta National Golf Club – Masters Venue

Augusta National Golf Club is also known as Augusta or the National and Its a one of the best and famous golf club of the world. Augusta is the home of the Masters tournament. It is one of the most elite and famous golf clubs in the universe. Members of the Club can visit Augusta national Golf Club any time while Public and spectators view it during the Masters Tournament.

Who owns the Augusta National Golf Club?

Augusta National Club, Inc owns Augusta National Golf Club. They operate as a golf club, which arranges various golf tournaments. More then 300+ Member are including in the club which from notable golfers, business persons, and political persons.

History of Augusta

In the 1932 Augusta National Gold Club Founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts and the course was designed by Jones and Alister MacKenzie.

On this Venue The first Masters tournament took place in 1934. The goal of the masters was to attract players and visitors. Ed Dudley was the first professional to join the club, and he was an active member until 1957.

Its first club professional was Ed Dudley, who served in the role until 1957; Dudley was one of the top tournament professionals of his era, with 15 wins on the PGA Tour.

In 1948, Dwight D. Eisenhower and his wife Mamie were personally invited to Augusta by Roberts. Eisenhower took a liking to the club, becoming a member, and hired Roberts as his executor and financial advisor, who had a house constructed for Eisenhower on the grounds. During his presidency, Eisenhower visited Augusta National 29 times.

Facilities at Augusta National Golf Club

With his Natural beauty, Flawless Appearance is made the Augusta Unique from the others venue. Augusta is renowned for its well-maintained impeccable appearance: pine straw is imported, bird sounds are played on inconspicuous speakers, and even the ponds were once dyed blue.

  • Press building with television studios
  • Restaurant with the snack options
  • Luxury bathrooms available
  • Staffed leather chairs
  • Security cameras around the course place, which are connected to the studios in the press building.
  • It has an on-public shopping and dining complex named Berckmans Place, which was built in 2012. It remains open for one week in a year during the Masters’ Golf tournament.


1Tea Olive4454
2Pink Dogwood5755
3Flowering Peach3504
4Flowering Crab Apple2403
8Yellow Jasmine5705
9Carolina Cherry4604
11White Dogwood5054
12Golden Bell1553
14Chinese Fir4404

Can I Became the Member of Augusta National ? What’s cost for it

This is not for everybodfy as not every single person can became a member of the augusta national golf club only a invited person have a chance to get the membership of the club. Membership price is yet not disclosed and varies from person to person. Some people claimed the price to be $10000 to $30000. Monthly membership due is between $300 and $4000.

Rules have to Follow

  • Any Electronic Device such as Cell phone not allowed in the premises.
  • Loud speaking not permitted
  • If any player make any mistake, viewers cannot cheer them
  • If any of the members breaks the rules they permanently banned.

video games

Augusta National Golf Club is featured in the Japan-exclusive video game franchise Harukanaru Augusta, which started in 1989

The games were produced by T&E Soft. One of its last titles Masters ’98: Haruka Naru Augusta was released for the Nintendo 64.

Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament are also featured in the video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, and has subsequently featured in later iterations of the game. 


Just like every Year, Upcoming The Master’s Golf 2020 is schedule to played at Augusta National Golf Club venue from the 12-15 November.

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